About MKORGANICO Coconut Oil

At MKORGANICO we believe that healthy people change the world. Our mission is to help you live a chemical-free free lifestyle. We believe that when you and your family are healthy you will be inspired to help others. To this end, we've created all natural products to help you live that lifestyle.

Everything we make is 100% organic. People appreciate our simplicity and enjoy our clean fresh aroma. Customers love how our products are safe for all ages. Men and women enjoy knowing that many of our products have more than one use, which adds value that people recognize in the products from MKORGANICO.


See, feel, and taste the difference.

Wild Harvested (Not Plantation Grown)
Single Origin and Single Species
Raw (Cooled Instead of Heated)


At MKORGANICO, we are committed to providing only the highest quality products, with full transparency, so you know exactly what you are getting in each jar. Each of our products is made with cold-pressed process coconut oil to ensure that all of the nutrients of the amazing coconut stay intact.  We are confident that MK Coconut Oil is as close as you can get to fresh-picked from the tree!