Ways to Reuse Your Organico Jars

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We find that scooping out the last bit of coconut goodness from our jars is extremely satisfying... But what should we do with the jar?
Throwing the glass away is an option, but we prefer the multitude of uses our creative customers have come up with! The following are our favorite ways to "up-cycle" Organico glass jars.
Everything is Cuter in a Tiny Glass Bottle
Our 100ml bottles are great moisturizing / essential oil bottles. After you have finished using Organico coconut oil, you can choose to refill another bottle or wash it to refill other oils.

Grow Herbs and Spices
The 500ml jar can be used to make your own DIY herb garden. Simply fill with soil, place your favorite herb seeds inside, water, and place them on your windowsill.
Use them to serve fruity cocktails and Summer punch
Serving drinks out of jars is very popular at the moment and I can see why. They look really cute and cheerful and make anything look more appetizing. Serve with a retro umbrella and tie some ribbon around the neck for added kitsch.
Fill them up with trifles and other heavenly treats
Don’t have any ramekins to make individual desserts? Grab those sterilized jars and make homemade trifles or other no-bake desserts. Eton Mess looks particularly wonderful in a jar so be sure to check out Poet in the Pantry’s exquisite recipe. Just don’t forget to serve with a long dessert spoon!
 Store your herbs and spices in them
If you have lots of packets of spices in your cupboard or a few of the same bottles of herbs and spices, simply decant them into our jar
Be Original with the Original Jar
The 500ml is the original Organico jar. We use it to make overnight oats, hold cold beverages, smoothies, or as a vase to hold fresh flowers.
You can find the 500ml jar as MK Coconut Oil or as Oil Pulling Coconut oil. Some people have even used this jar to make their own candles. We think that's hot.
Why Do We Use Glass Jars?
We want to make sure no harmful chemicals are ever present in our products. We always package our coconut oil comes packaged in high-quality glass jars, to help maintain the ensure quality is up to Organico standards. 

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