How To: 5-Step Coconut Oil Morning Routine

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We love coconut oil in the morning! Instead of having 5 different products, we like to use our coconut oil 5 different ways. Simplify your life with Organico Morning Routine!
  1. Oil Pulling – Nothing beats an early morning cleanse! Jumpstart your immune system and get ready for the day. Take full advantage of time and do an oil pull while you are showering, doing makeup, or reading on your phone. Read our Oil Pulling Guide to learn the ins-and-outs of this amazing practice.

  2. Add To Coffee/Tea – It’s like Bulletproof coffee… but better for you. Whether you want a bump in ketones to help you intermittent fast through the day, or if you just want a cognitive boost, coconut oil in your coffee is the one-two punch to start your day off right. If you haven’t tried oil in coffee, read our Coconut Oil in Coffee Guide or if you prefer tea, read our Coconut Oil in Tea Guide. We got you.

  3. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize – Did we say moisturize? We LOVE our oil as a moisturizer… In fact, it’s probably the first skin product that your body actually wants put on it. Chemical-free, pesticide-free, GMO-free, wild-harvested, and sustainable… it doesn’t get much better than that. So whether it’s treating dry flaky skin in the winter or sunburned skin in the summer, slather up and enjoy soft skin the Organico way.

  4. Give The Dog A Scoop – Yes, we are serious… Dogs need good fats too! Many of our customers have had amazing success with their pets and coconut oil. And you can be sure that your standard dog-food doesn’t have the nutrition that your dog really needs. So give your dog an occasional scoop and see if he/she loves it…

  5. Cooking Oil/Butter Replacement – If intermittent fasting isn’t your thing and you love breakfast, we understand because breakfast is the best. Organico makes an excellent replacement for butter to fry eggs or to spread on your toast. Don’t be shy! Get creative. If you are taking advantage of Intermittent Fasting we suggest a scoop of coconut oil to boost ketones and suppress appetite. (Bonus: Coconut Oil has no effect on blood sugar and keeps you in a fasted state.)
Realistically, there are dozens (maybe hundreds) of ways to incorporate our Ultra-pure Oil into your morning routine. What products are you currently using that could be replaced with healthier more effective options from Organico?
Don’t you want a minty fresh mouth, a boosted brain, soft skin, a happy dog, and a nutritious breakfast?  Kick start your day tomorrow with our Organico morning routine!

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