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Is your jar of coconut oil just sitting lonely on a shelf because you are stuck on how to use it? Take that jar out of the pantry and try these ways of getting more nutrients into your family’s diet!
Blended drinks- Coffee, tea, and juices are great ways to add Organico Coconut Oil to your day without much effort. Simply blend the oil with the beverage enough to emulsify, and you are done! The end result will be a creamy and rich treat, not an oily one. If you or a loved one are not used to coconut oil, this is a great way to start!
Smoothies- This is another great way add the oil without noticing if you are just starting out. Make any nutritious smoothie as usual and slowly blend in your MK Coconut Oil. Keep the oil cold if you would like pops of yummy coconut flavor, or warm it up for a smoother consistency. Just one spoonful and you can add more nutrients to any smoothie recipe!
Snacks- Try using Coconut Oil instead of butter on snacks like toast or popcorn. This is a simple 1:1 ratio; no adjustments are needed. You get a healthier snack without losing the taste, and many people think that this substitute makes the food taste “less burnt”.
Mayonnaise- Ever tried making your own mayonnaise? Just mix coconut oil in with eggs, salt, and olive oils to get fresh, healthy mayo while adding healthy fats to your diet without any additives or artificial ingredients!

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